Fluke Solar 100 Solar Power Meter Measures the solar power and transmission up to 2000 W/m2, 634BTU / (ft2xh)

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Technical Data:-

Measures the solar power and transmission up to 2000 W/m2, 634BTU / (ft2xh)

Power mode – measurement of the power per unit area of incident solar radiation

Transmission mode – calculates the solar power transmission percentage of the material for example how much solar power in % will be transmitted through the window

Convenient to read display with remote sensor technology

Selectable measurement units either W/m2 or BTU / ( ft2 x h)

Data hold

Max/min functions to indentify locations with maximum or minimum power


Features SOLAR-100

Solar power Up to 2000 W/m2, 634 BTU/(ft2xh)


Display: 3½ digits, 2000 readings

Range: 1999 W/m2, 634BTU / (ft2xh)

Battery: 1 X 9V Alkaline battery (NE DA 1604A, IE C 6LR61) included

Warrenty 6 Months

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