Privacy Policy is very much aware that the information related to you is very sensitive and as such it sticks to the commitment of protecting the information provided by you. Utmost priority is given to the furnished information by users and every step is taken to ensure your privacy and information are protected. We respect users’ privacy and the given data. Zillionsbuyer privacy policy is transparent and open and abides by the rules of the Indian government. 


The rules and regulations stipulated here are followed without any breach and by visiting you consciously give your consent to practice the privacy policy statement described here i.e. the terms and conditions of Zillionsbuyer privacy policy. However, we suggest you to keep visiting this page often to know the privacy policy details which keep changing now and then based on the requirement. 


We as an entity will make every effort to inform the users regarding such changes made to the privacy policy through various forms like email or other means, however, having said this we don’t carry any liability or compulsion by the law to do so and is the only act based on the grounds of serving our customers transparently and being fair and informative to them. 


The choice of providing requested personal information to us is at your sole discretion and we don’t force you to furnish the asked details but we would request you to give the requested information in order to serve you better and fast. With this said, we again assure you that collected information is not used in a way that hinders your privacy or privilege. We also assert that user information will not be used for hidden interests, self-promotions, or be sold to third parties without letting you know and without your prior approval. 


Storage of personal information: 


All the information that you provide or we collect is safely and securely controlled and stored by Zillionsbuyer under this stated privacy policy at our office located at Suite No.201, Primerose Complex Yashwant Nagar Rd, Yashwant Nagar, Talegaon Dabhade, Maharashtra 410507


What personal information is collected?


The info we gather from customers assists us in personalizing and improving the shopping experience on our website. The information is also used to help the sellers and affiliates serve you better and to enhance the delivery system, payment gateways, product suggestions, offers, and address your grievances. The information is also used for your convenience to protect customers from abuses, fraud, and defects besides the information may also be used for technical advancement. 

The types of information we gather:


Information provided by you: We gather and store any information entered by you on our website or in any other way you provide us with the same. You may opt-out to not provide us information but this may end up you not receiving any advantages, offers, and features we come with from time to time. 

Automatic Information: We also receive and store automatic information when you interact with us, visit our website, or through cookies. When your web browser or mobile accesses information on our website, advertisements of us or 3rd parties, and any other information our website automatically collects information such as your location, search history, and other information. Automatic information is also collected when you open our e-mail communications or other sources of communication. 

Is the information shared? 


Information isn’t sold unless prior approval. However, at times we may be forced to give the information if needed for authorized persons and government agencies based on the law. This said Zillionsbuyer doesn’t control affiliate businesses or third-party service providers for which they may have collected information without our notice or permission or with your voluntary actions.  


We assure you that as a business entity we take utmost care to protect your information in case you find some discrepancy kindly contact us immediately through our CONTACT page. 


Security of information: 


Your personal information and payment information if any provided are secured with no compromise. All the information provided is secured as our website is Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software protected. 


Links to other websites and advertisements: 

We reserve the right to showcase third-party links and websites including advertisements from other parties. However, the choice to click, open or follow such content that’s not solely owned by Zillionsbuyer is at your own will and we don’t hold any responsibility and liability for any actions conducted on our website towards the third party. 


Revisions & notices: 


We, being an e-commerce website play according to the rules set by respective governing bodies and as such this privacy policy stated here may be revised or altered based on the need. When such revisions or changes are made we will send you notices through proper channel and this holds good for the users who have opted for this and for the ones who haven’t consented for periodic notifications kindly visit the website to know the revisions. 

All the information provided under this PRIVACY POLICY holds good unless changed. 


Feel free to contact us if you have any queries or suggestions regarding the privacy policy. 

You can contact us at [email protected] or call us +91-9168103909


Note: This privacy policy holds true and valid to the users, customers, and visitors and doesn’t hold good to our sellers and affiliates. For seller and affiliate conduct, rules and regulations kindly visit the SELLER page. 

What is the RETURN/EXCHANGE policy? 


Zillionsbuyer has a detailed return policy that caters to the need for returns. The eligibility criteria for return and exchange are as follows: 

· Received a used, defective, damaged, altered, or a different product. 

· Product is opened or has no seal 

· Received the empty package

When exchange or return isn’t eligible? 

· Product is delivered on time and without damage

· You don't require the product anymore and wish to return

Guidelines for Return/Exchange:

· Issues with the product: Raise the request within 7-day by contacting our support/customer care through phone or email. 

· Damaged and wrong products: For a wrong product and defect product the customer should raise the request within 2 days of delivery i.e., within 48 hours. 

· For empty delivery: We always encourage you to open the delivered packages by capturing video or taking a photograph as this would help you assist faster. The issue should be raised within 48 hours with supportive proofs. 

· While returning or asking for exchange you must provide us with all the bills and return the item or shipment without any usage and returning it as it was sent. You should also send back any accessories and freebies given along with the product. 

How much time will it take to address?

We always work to settle the concern as quickly as possible and may take up to a week to settle the issue. 

Refund Policy: 

Refund policy is based and will be initiated only when return and exchange policies are met. 

· All the payments made by cash will be refunded to the provided account number through RTGS, NEFT, or direct payment to the provided account number. 

· For all the payments made by cards or any other electronic system, the payments will be made through online channels and the amount will be refunded to the same account through which payment was made. 

Why a refund request may be declined? 

A refund request made may be canceled or not entertained for varied reasons such as:

· The parcel is damaged or altered by the customer

· Items returned aren’t identical 

· Items missing’

· Damaged return package 

· Lack of bills & labels

· Sending used product 

· Few combo items may not be eligible for refund


What to do even though a refund is accepted and the amount is not received? 


Most of the time the payment will reflect in your account within 7-10 days and in case it doesn’t reflect we request you to contact the support team [email protected].com